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What is e-Residency?

«e-Residency» offers to every world citizen a government-issued digital identity and the opportunity to run a trusted company online, unleashing the world’s entrepreneurial potential.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the first country to offer e-Residency — a transnational digital identity available to anyone in the world interested in administering a location-independent business online. e-Residency additionally enables secure and convenient digital services that facilitate credibility and trust online.

e-Residents can:

  • • Digitally sign documents and contracts
  • • Verify the authenticity of signed documents
  • • Encrypt and transmit documents securely
  • • Establish an Azerbaijanian company online within a day. At the moment a physical address in Azerbaijan is required, which may be obtained using an external service provider.
  • • Administer the company from anywhere in the world.
  • • Conduct e-Banking and remote money transfers. Establishing an Azerbaijanian bank account currently requires one in-person meeting at the bank, and is at the sole discretion of our banking partners.
  • • Access online payment service providers
  • • Declare Azerbaijanian taxes online. e-Residency does not automatically establish tax residency. To learn about taxation and to avoid double taxation please consult a tax professional.

All of these (and more) efficient and easy-to-use services have been available to Azeri peoples for over a ten year. By offering e-Residents the same services, Azerbaijan is proudly pioneering the idea of a country without borders.

e-Residents receive a e-Signature (e-Token or Asan signature) which provides:

  • • digital identification and authentication to secure services
  • • digital signing of documents
  • • digital verification of document authenticity
  • • document encryption
  • • Access to more than 100 e-government services

Non-residents who wish to become e-Resident should obtain electronic signature certificate of one of the certificate services centres issuing e-Signature certificates. At present, two centres which issue qualified e-Signature certificate operate in Azerbaijan:

1. Information-Calculation Centre of Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan – MSXM (e-Token as a key carrier);

2. Asan Certificate Services Center of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan - ACSC (SIM card as a key carrier (Mobil signature – Asan signature))

Both Centres were accredited in the National Certificate Services Centre and issue qualified e-Signature certificate.

Except for cases specified by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, enhanced signature with effective advanced certificate which is created using certified signature tools enjoy the same legal force as the hand signature.

Where data on competencies of signature holder are indicated in the advanced certificate, the enhanced signature shall have the same legal force as the hand signature approved by stamp in a paper.

e-Business Register is an advanced and secure tool that allows entrepreneurs to register their new business online in just minutes, without having to go to a notary or some other official.

List of functions:

  • • Register a new company over the internet
  • • Change data in the business register
  • • File quarterly and annual reports
  • • Detailed inquires of other companies

Company Registration

All it takes to register a company is an e-Signuture:

  • Step 1: The entrepreneur logs onto the portal using an e-Signuture
  • Step 2: He or she fills in the necessary information
  • Step 3: The founder or founders electronically sign the documents
  • Step 4: Fees and share capital are transferred through the Internet
  • Step 5: The entrepreneur sends the application with just one click

Online company formation for non-residents – Non-residents are entitled to submit application for online business register using Asan signature or e-Signature certificate prior to arriving in Azerbaijan.

Non-residents should first obtain e-Signature certificate in order to establish Azerbaijani company (e-Token or SIM card) and can complete the relevant application form from this section.

Should several physical persons (residents or non-residents) establish the company, then each person should have e-signature certificate.

What is Escrow?

An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. It helps make transactions more secure by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by the escrow company.

Escrows are very useful in the case of a transaction where a large amount money is involved and a certain number of obligations need to be fulfilled before a payment is released like in the case of a website being built where the buyer might want confirmation of the quality of work being done before making a full payment, and the seller doesn’t want to extend a massive amount of work without any assurance that he or she will receive payment. While traditional escrow service is quite difficult and must be obtained through banks and lawyers, escrow.azexport.az provides online escrow services at affordable rates. While the payment is 'In Escrow' the transaction can be safely carried out without risk of losing money or merchandise due to fraud. This eliminates all legal jargon and allows for secure transactions and confident buyers and sellers.

How does Escrow work?

Escrow.azexport.az reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms - Either the Buyer or Seller begins a transaction. After registering at escrow.azexport.az, all parties agree to the terms of the transaction.

2. Buyer pays escrow.azexport.az - The Buyer submits a payment by approved payment method to our secure Escrow Account, escrow.azexport.az verifies the payment, the Seller is notified that funds have been secured 'In Escrow'.

3. Seller ships merchandise to Buyer - Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorised to send the merchandise and submit tracking information. Escrow.azexport.az verifies that the Buyer receives the merchandise.

4. Buyer accepts merchandise - The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the merchandise and the option to accept or reject it. The Buyer accepts the merchandise

5. Escrow.azexport.az pays the Seller - escrow.azexport.az releases funds to the Seller from the Escrow Account.

Transaction is complete - safely and securely!

Obtain all export documents online”

Obtaining the export documents online based on “one window” will allow persons operating within the Azexport portal and registered as tax payer for doing business in the Republic of Azerbaijan to design and sign documents, including electronic contracts with their foreign business partners and conduct real time cross-border electronic services. So, entrepreneurs will carry out export procedures much faster using less resources which will help them benefit from e-export based one window.

At present, government authorities integrated with the e-export organize real time data exchange. E-export will ensure issuance of the following certificates:

- iternational veterinary certificate for export (re-export) animals, products and row stuffs of animal origin,

- phytosanitary certificate for export (re-export) of plants and the product of plant origin

- quality certificate for food products exported to European Union countries

- certificate certifying the country of origin of the goods

- permit (certificate) for export of wild fauna and flora varieties with eradication threat (certification)

- cultural wealth protection certificate for export of cultural wealth

- permit for export of literature of religious purpose (in paper and electronic media), audio and video materials, goods (by products) and other data materials with religious content

- filling out electronic customs declaration

At the same time, custom declarations will filled electronically. Once completed, all documents entered into the database of the State Customs Committee and other fiscal bodies, including the Ministry of Taxes, which may receive access to export declarations, based on joint electronic exchange. This will allow the Ministry of Taxes to conduct much faster calculation of VAT benefits with respect to export products.

At the same time, given that the export promotion fee is paid using the portal, it will be possible to ensure that these calculations are done much faster.

e-Documents section ensures authentication, identification of the identity of a person, online development and signing of documents, including cross border documents (reports, contracts, agreements, etc.) using e- Signature certificates.

At present, you can prepare international purchase-sale contract based on template and invoice.

The section allows for signing of documents (unilaterally, multilaterally) digitally using e- signature certificates of different countries.

The certificate confirms that the product imported to a foreign market meets the established mandatory security requirements within the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is currently freely circulating in the Azerbaijani market. The certificate of free sale is issued on the basis of verification of the exporters' permits for products, established by the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the availability of documents confirming that the product is currently sold in several retail chains

The following documents are required to issue a certificate:

  • • Certificate of registration of the company;
  • • list of goods needed to obtain a certificate of free sale;
  • • Certificate of quality;
  • • Certificate of conformity of goods;
  • • License for the production of goods (if required by law);
  • • International identification number - bar code (if available);
  • • Confirmation of the sale of goods in the country (invoices, checks or tax invoices).