Digitally sign contracts & e-documents

asan doc

AsanDoc, Azerbaijan's e-signature platform and software, provides a safe way to create, share and store legally binding digital documents with the highest level of assurance. It is the safest way to create a tamper-free, legally binding document, as no alterations can be made after signing. Every signed document is verified by the local government and secured using technology that meets the highest available international standards. M-Residency's mobile digital signature solution allows people to prove their identity and provide e-signatures that are legally equivalent to face-to-face identification and handwritten signatures. In the case of e-services such as online banking, this mobile solution serves the same function as presenting a passport at a bank's branch office. The ability to submit secure e-signatures in this manner is the backbone of any modern e-society.

The AsanDoc platform provides one-stop-shop for online digital signing of documents in any commonly accepted electronic format. For authentication and digital signature purposes, the system uses the advanced SIM-based mobile ID technology of Asan İmza. AsanDoc brings the ultimate level of convenience to the business community by enabling users to digitally sign any type of document, even on the go.